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The LAST Goods – Week 13 (Oct 13th)

Hello sharers,
Winter is coming, and we hope you are reveling in the crispy air and beautiful sunrises this time of year.
Our youth programming is still running, even though the leaves are shriveling and the ground is going to freeze. Right now, our staff are working with 5 youth organizations and high schools to get youth out of the classroom to learn science and phys ed while engaging in hands-on food and farm work.
There are lots of ways you can still connect with the farm, and we still need your support! Check out our list of events this fall, which directly fund our youth programs and operations, or make a donation to FortWhyte Farms with the End of year Campaign coming soon, to ensure FortWhyte Alive exists for another 50 years!
Today is officially your last share for the season – your bin includes:

  • 3 lb bag of onions
  • 3x winter squash (we grow Kabocha, Spaghetti, Acorn or Pie Pumpkins)
  • one bunch of sweet kale
  • big leeks
  • one cabbage
  • beautiful broccoli

For those of you who have never eaten broccoli stem – you haven’t lived!  Broccoli is one of many plants in the cruciferae family that fights cancer, makes you super healthy and probably gives you 50* extra years of life!
With heart and hands, your farmers at FortWhyte Farms. See you soon!!!
*This actually hasn’t been proven, but we at FortWhyte would like to think it’s fact.

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